Township of Chesterfield Resolutions

2022-1-1        Establishing 2022 Meeting Dates for the Township Committee

2022-1-2       Establishing 2022 Holiday Schedule for Non-Union Employees

2022-1-3       Designation of Township's Official Newspapers

2022-1-4       Designation of Official Depositories

2022-1-5       Cash Management Plan

2022-1-6       Establishing Rate of Interest for Delinquent Taxes & Duplicate Tax Bill Fee

2022-1-7       Establishing Penalty Rate for Tax Title Liens

2022-1-8       Authorization for Tax Collector to Cancel Small Balances

2022-1-9       Authorizing Temporary Budget Appropriations

2022-1-10     Authorizing Check Prior to Bill List Approval

2022-1-11     Authorization of Assessor to File Appeals

2022-1-12     Appointment of Fund Commissioner for the BURLCOJIF

2022-1-13     Appointment of EPL Contact Person for the BURLCOJIF

2022-1-14      Designation of Public Agency Compliance Officer

2022-1-15      Appointment of Certain Township Employees

2022-1-16      Establishing Payment Dates for Levy to the Fire District

2022-1-17      Approving Towing Contracts for January 1, 2022 thru December 31, 2024

2022-1-18      Appointment of Corey Migliaccio as Public Works Laborer

2022-1-19     Appointment of James Mazzio as Electrical Subcode/Inspector

2022-1-20     Appointment of Frank Kopec as Plumbing Subcode/Inspector

2022-1-21     Appointment of Cody Wilson as Part time Police Officer

2022-1-22      Appointment of Township Attorney

2022-1-23      Appointment of Engineer

2022-1-24      Appointment of Auditor

2022-1-25      Appointment of Bond Counsel

2022-1-26      Appointment of Labor Attorney

2022-1-27     Appointment of Risk Management Consultant 




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