Welcome to the Chesterfield Township Video Library

To afford the public an opportunity to view the recorded Chesterfield Township Committee meetings, the audio/video from the virtual meetings are uploaded to our third-party web developer as soon as possible after a meeting.  The third-party web developer is responsible to render the file into a format compatible for viewing on the website.  The meetings are posted to the Township Website using streaming video/audio. That means the video will play more smoothly and any time you wish you will be able to jump forward or backward to any point in the video file just by clicking on the control bar. The content of the original video/audio has not be edited, but the quality of the standard video has been optimized for improved viewing.
The Township has no control over the workload and schedule of the individuals involved in the process so therefore we cannot guarantee that a meeting will be available for viewing within a set timeframe following a Township Committee meeting.  We strive for a few business-day turnaround, but sometimes it is possible the link won't be available for up to a week following a meeting.


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