Shade Tree

 "The Best Time To Plant A Tree Was 20 Years Ago - 
The Second Best Time To Plant A Tree Is Today"

                                                                                                   - Chinese Proverb
                                                                                                                       - Author Unknown

 The Shade Tree Advisory Board was created to promote the importance of maintaining a healthy and safe tree canopy in Chesterfield Township. The board works closely with the Township Committee, Public Works Department, Environmental Commission, and township staff.

Chesterfield Township
Shade Tree Advisory Board

Members and Terms
Dan Brown - 12/31/27
Vacant - 12/31/27
Vacant - 12/31/23
Elise Bremer-Nei - 12/31/24
Larry Kuser - 12/31/25


Scouts BSA Troop 112 - Recklesstown Way Nature Walk


295 Bordentown-Chesterfield Rd.
Chesterfield, NJ 08515

Hours: 8:30 am to 4 pm
Monday thru Friday
Telephone: (609) 298-2311
Fax: (609) 298-0469