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    PERMITS AND INSPECTIONS Spring is here and many people are having work done to their homes and in their yards. While everyone wants to enjoy the benefits of improving our property, we need to be mindful of contractors who may not be entirely honest.One way to protect yourself is to require your contractor to obtain local and state permits, or show evidence that a permit is not required. Please note: All exterior improvements require a Zoning Permit. Here are some other things to keep in mind:- If a permit is required, is the contractor listed as performing the work or did they list the homeowner as the person performing the work? This is a trick used to keep their name out of the record in case something goes wrong with the work.- Is the contractor licensed to do business in the State of NJ?- Have you been provided with a written estimate that includes terms relating to deposits, payments, and delivery of the goods/services?- Did you obtain evidence of insurance coverage and is the coverage applicable to the type of work the contractor will be performing?

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