Chesterfield Township Forms


Application for a Certification or a Certified Copy of a Vital Record - NJ State Non-Genealogical / Genealogical

Application to Use Township Facilities

Instructions for a Raffle or Bingo Application

Application or Bingo License (NJ State)

Application for Raffle License (NJ State)

Board of Health - Waiver Form

Instructions for Filing a Raffle Report

Employment Application

Request for Records Form

Notice for Qualifications/Proposals for Professional Services and Qualifications and Proposal Forms

Peddler’s-Solicitor’s-Vendor’s Permit / Permit Supplement / Instructions and Fingerprinting link / Regulations

         Volunteer Form - Downloadable

Volunteer Form - Submit Online 

Voter Registration Form (link to Burlington County)


Application for Certificate of Inspection

         Construction Permit Application

         Building Subcode Technical Section

          Electrical Subcode Technical Section

          Plumbing Subcode Technical Section

          Fire Protection Subcode Technical Section

          Mechanical Technical Section

Dog & Cat Licenses

Dog License Application

Cat License Application 


Historic Preservation Commission

Application for Certificate of Appropriateness

Marriage Licenses and Registrar

Application for a Certification or a Certified Copy of a Vital Record
Marriage License (NJ State)


Alarm Application

Check of Premises (Vacation Check)

Firearms (link to State Police)

Individual Background Check (link to State Police)

Medical Emergency Data Sheet

Request for Reports

Public Works 

          Driveway Application (New or Alteration or paving of existing driveway)

          Road Opening Permit Application

          Public Works Request Form


Application to Use Township Facilities

Sewer Utilities

Direct Withdrawal Form

Tax Assessor

Disabled Veteran Or Surviving Spouse Of A Disabled Veteran Exemption Application

Veteran/Widow of Veteran Deduction

Senior Citizen/Surviving Spouse Deduction

          Request for 200' Property Owner List

Tax Collector

Direct Withdrawal Form


Zoning Application Form 

Burlington County Health Department Septic/Well Form