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I need help for.. Department Number/Extension
Abandoned Cars On Street Police NON-EMERGENCY
(609) 291- 0912
Abandoned Cars Off Street Police NON-EMERGENCY
(609) 291- 0912
Abandoned Structures Police  NON-EMERGENCY
(609) 291- 0912
Accident Reports Police NON-EMERGENCY
(609) 291- 0912
Accounts Payable Finance 609-298-2311 x130
Additions - New Construction 609-298-2311 x150
Additions - Inspections Construction 609-298-2311 x150
Affordable Housing    
Alarm Registration Police NON-EMERGENCY
(609) 291- 0912
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Public Works 609-298-2311 x160
Animal Control (Dead or Stray)    
Apartment Registration Clerk 609-298-2311
Appliance Pickup Recycling  
Arborist Shade Tree Commission  
Birth Certificates Clerk 609-298-2311
Block & Lot Tax Assessor 609-298-2311  ext. 140
Brush Collection Public Works 609-298-2311 x160
Board of Public Utilities 800-624-02412
Building Plan Copies Construction 609-298-2311 x150
Building Permits Construction 609-298-2311 x150
Business Licenses Zoning  
Bulk Collection (Curbside and Dropoff) Public Works 609-298-2311 x160
Bulk Permits Public Works 609-298-2311 x160
Cable TV Verizon 800-837-4966        
Cablevision  732-367-2582 or 732-780-4868      
Board of Public Utilities 800-624-0241
Cable TV Complaints Cablevision 732-367-2582
Verizon 800-275-2355
Board of Public Utilities 800-624-0241
Capital Improvements Engineering  
Complaints - Residents Zoning  
Condo Associations    
Death Certificates Registrar  609-298-2311
Decks - New Construction  
Decks - Inspection Construction  
Deed Inquiries Tax Assessor 609-298-2311  ext. 140
Demolitions Construction  
Development Questions Zoning / Planning / Engineering  
Dog & Cat Licenses (Required) Clerk 609-298-2311
Driveways Zoning & Engineering  
Economic Development    
Elections Clerk 609-298-2311
Environmental Concerns    
Farnland Preservation Open Space Committee  
Fences Zoning & Construction  
Fire District Information Fire Prevention  
Flood Zones - Maps Engineering  
Grass not cut, Property Maintenance Zoning  
Homestead Rebates Tax Assessor 609-298-2311  ext. 140
Hydrant Flow Test Fire Prevention  
JCP&L JCP&L Website 1-800-436-7734
Leaf Bags Public Works 609-298-2311 x160
Leaf & Brush Collection Public Works 609-298-2311 x160
Library Crosswicks Library 609-298-6271
Limousine Certs Township Clerk  
Marriage Licenses Registrar 609-298-2311 x120
Noise Complaints (Weekdays) Zoning 609-298-2311 x140
Noise Complaints (Weekends and Evenings) Police 609-723-8300
Notary Public Township Clerk 609-298-2311 x105, 110, 120, or 201
Open Space Preservation Open Space Committee  
Overcrowding, Illegal Multi-Family Dwellings Zoning 609-298-2311 x140
Ordinances Township Clerk 609-298-2311 x110
Park Maintenance Public Works 609-298-2311 x160
Parks & Rec Programs Registration & Information Parks and Recreation 609-298-2311 ext. 20
PERC Tests Engineering  
Pet Adoption Animal Shelter  
Pool (New) Zoning / Construction  
Pool Inspection Construction  
Property Maintenance (Trash, Weeds, Grass Not Cut) Zoning  
Public Health Nuisance Health Department  
Public Works Public Works  
Recreation Programs Registration & Information Recreation 609-298-2311 ext. 20
Recycling Recycling  
Roadway Improvement & Maintenance Public Works / Engineering  
Rodent Complaints Board of Health  
School Information Board of Education  
Senior Citizen Programs Parks and Recreation 609-298-2311 ext. 20
Senior Citizen Taxes Tax Assessor 609-298-2311  ext. 140
Senior Citizen Transportation    
Septic System Abandonment Morris County Board of Health 732-431-7456
Sewer Availability    
Sewage Bills    
Sheds Zoning / Construction  
Sidewalk Maintenance Engineering  
Site Plan Copies Engineering  
Smoke Detectors - Resale or Lease Fire Prevention  
Snow Removal - Roadways Public Works  
Snow Removal From Sidewalks Police  
Social Services    
Soil Disturbance Permits Engineering  
Soil Importation Permits Engineering  
Soil Removal Permits Engineering  
Sports Leagues Parks and Recreation 609-298-2311 ext. 20
Street Maps Township Clerk  
Street Lights JCP&L Report a Street Light Out or Power Outage 1-800-436-7734
Street Openings (Including Curbs & Sidewalks) Engineering  
Subdivision Applications Zoning / Planning  
Surveys - Copy Zoning  
Survey - Property Township does not perform surveys  
Survey - General Questions Engineering  
Tanks (Fuel Oil) - Installation & Removal Construction 609-298-2311
Tax Assessor Tax Assessor 609-298-2311  ext. 140
Tax Bills Tax Collector 609-298-2311
Tax Map - Copies - To Purchase Engineering  
Taxi Licenses Township Clerk  
Trees Overhanging Sidewalks, Roads Zoning  
Tree Removal on Township Property Public Works  
Tree Removal Permits Engineering  
Veteran Taxes Tax Assessor 609-298-2311  ext. 140
Voter Registration Township Clerk  
Water Availability Water Division  
Water-Billing & Meter Reading Water Division  
Water-Fluoride, Leaks, Dirty Water, New Meter Water Division  
Water Main Breaks Water Dept. / Public Works  
Wells County Board of Health  
Wetlands Map Engineering  
Zone Maps Zoning  
Zoning Questions Zoning  
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