Procedure to apply for a Firearms ID Card and Permit to Purchase

Applications for firearms ID cards and Permits are now to be completed online. Please visit the website below and click “Online S.T.S. 033 Form” to begin the application process. 

Chesterfield Township’s ORI number is NJ0030700.


                   Please note: Paper permits will no longer be issued to applicants . A $50.00 fee is associated with the application for Firearms ID cards. Additionally a $25.00  fee is associated for each pistol permit applied for.    Check or Money order made  payable to Township of Chesterfield.  No fee for address change or duplicate card.


Applicants MUST make an appointment for fingerprinting (if applicable) within 90 days.   Failure to do so will require the applicant to start the process over again.

Applicant will be updated throughout the application process via email.  Please make sure you include your email on the initial application.



Application for Permit to Carry a Handgun

The Concealed Carry Permits service allows for online submission of both initial and renewal applications. Approved applications are due for renewal every two (2) years. Renewal applications can be submitted up to four (4) months before the expiration date. Concealed Carry Permit applicants need to have been fingerprinted for firearms purposes in New Jersey and assigned an SBI number before they can apply for a Concealed Carry Permit. If you have never been fingerprinted for firearms purposes in New Jersey before, start with an application for an Initial Firearms I.D. card. 

Applicants will need the following

  • SBI Number
  • Upload of recent photograph (on a light background including head and shoulders)
  • One (1) training record completed within the past two (2) years, instructor name, and qualification date
  • Personal Information: including Social Security Number and Driver's License Number
  • Background Information
  • For Armored Car Applicants: Uploaded Employment Letter
  • Contact Information for four (4) non-family related references
  • Information on handguns to be carried
  • $200 Application Fee

Online application can be found at:


Applicants must utilize New Jersey Permit To Carry Safe Handling And Proficiency In The Use Of Handguns Certification Certificate

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