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There is a new procedure to apply for a Firearms ID Card and Permit to Purchase.

Applications are now to be done online.Please go to the website below and click “Online S.T.S. 033 Form” to begin the application process.

Chesterfield Township’s ORI number is NJ0030700.


Once the application has been approved you will receive an e-mail indicating that your application was approved or denied and will be advised that this department will contact you when your documents are completed.   At that time the fees will be collected. Please see below for fees.

 firearm idThis is an image of a Firearms ID Card
Please note: a 5.00$ fee is associated with the application for Firearms ID cards. Additionally a 2.00$ fee is associated for each pistol permit applied for. Cash and Check are accepted. Please make check payable to Township of Chesterfield.



permit to purchase


This is an image of a Permit to Purchase
 a pistol. 





Applicants MUST make an appointment for fingerprinting (if applicable) within 90 days.   Failure to do so will require the applicant to start the process over again.

Applicant will be updated throughout the applications process via email.  Please make sure you include your email on the initial application.

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