Construction Department

Common Violations

The following is a list of the most common violations that are found during the physical inspection of your property.  This list is being provided to give you a head start on repairs that will be required.  THESE ARE NOT THE ONLY ITEMS THAT WILL BE INSPECTED.  

  Carbon monoxide detectors in the vicinity of the bedrooms.
  Gutters and downspouts broken or missing.
  Screens in need of repair.
  Cracked and/or peeling paint on exterior of house and/or outbuildings.
  Decks and/or porches in need or repair.
  Replace or re-nail siding.
  Outside outlets must be GFI protected.
  Accessory buildings in need of repair.
  Trash or rubbish on property.
  Broken windows.
  House number must be visible on front of house or on mailbox at street.
  Smoke detectors must be on each floor of the house and operable.
   All outlets within six (6) feet of the kitchen sink must be GFI protected.
   Multiple gang outlets and extension cords are not permitted.
   All stairways must have guardrails and handrails.
   Halls and stairways must be lighted.
   Outlets in bathrooms and powder rooms must be GFI protected.
   All bathrooms and powder rooms must have at least one (1) GFI protected outlet.
   Holes in interior walls must be repaired.
   Heater and hot water heater must have safety blow-off valve within 6-8 of floor.
   Washing machines must have three-prong outlets.
   Tub and shower tiles must be in good condition.
   Leaking faucets must be repaired.
   There can be no open spaces in the electrical panel.

Glenn Riccardi
Glenn Riccardi
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Glenn McMahon
Code Enforcement Officer
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