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Chesterfield Township is pleased to announce our new Safe Medication Disposal site.  Located in the lobby of the Municipal Building directly outside of the Police Station, it will be accessible during all regular township hours 8:30a – 4:00p Monday thru Friday. Throughout the country, residents in the past had been encouraged to flush drugs down the toilet, but negative environmental impacts to waterways have been identified and this is now discouraged. Scientific studies have shown that pharmaceuticals – including antibiotics, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers and sex hormones - are commonly found in trace amounts in drinking water supplies throughout New Jersey and the rest of the country. And disposal of medications within regular trash leads to increased contamination of landfills and a rise in management costs as the leachate is routinely pumped from the landfill sumps.  In addition, due to a drastic increase in the abuse of household pharmaceuticals, law enforcement is recommending swifter removal of unused medications from households, and a higher level of vigilance on safeguarding drugs from abuse.  We are proud that Chesterfield is now part of the solution by offering a means for our residents to safely dispose of medications that are no longer needed.  â€‹We urge everyone to make use of this important resource.